Dating For People Over 45

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How Are We Meant To Behave At 45?

How old exactly is 45 these days? Is it even middle aged? Not really, as people live longer and longer, 45 is what 35 was 30 years ago. There is the condescending phrase thrown at people over forty-five who try to have some fun, the 'mid life crisis'. Let's knock this one on the head - there is no such thing as a mid life crisis. As long as a person is not neglecting their responsibilities, why shouldn't they do the things they want to do? If it's a new job, or a new car, or a new partner, who are we to judge? You hear the phrase, 'I was like a giddy teenager' from people who are dating again when in their forties, and we think that's exactly how they ought to feel! Rather than being some kind of disapproving putdown, it's testimony that you still have some gas in the tank!

Should People Play The Field In Their 40s?

This is a big question! Is it unseemly when mature people have short term relationships? Several decades this would certainly have been frowned upon. However now it's deemed a far more acceptable way to live. We prefer not to judge, but at LoveInYour40s we're in the business of helping people to build monogamous long term relationships. But that doesn't mean you can't have fun meeting lots of incredible people along the way to finding the right one for you! Single men over a certain age can often be stereotyped as unable to commit (but look, even George Clooney is settling down!). But in fact it's common for people not to have met their soulmate before 45. People are living till 90, so it's perfectly reasonable to be meeting 'the one' at forty-five!

Dating Younger People

The question as to whether it's a good idea to date someone younger than you is also constantly in the media, as one celebrity or another is constantly under the microscope for dating someone fifteen years younger than themselves. Scientists have even given their two cents, finding that men who date younger women tend to live shorter, whereas women dating younger men are kept fresher and live longer than women dating in their own age bracket. Women seem to have come out better there! The reality is that it's important to be with someone that you feel comfortable with and with whom you can be yourself. If you're exhausted trying to keep up with someone younger, does that bode well for the future? It comes down to the pace of life and the interests the two parties have.